Which property investment? Abroad or a UK lodge?

Can an investment in a luxury lodge in Britain be more advantageous than owning a villa in Spain? Although Britain may not have the huge advantage of the weather that takes a lot of Brits overseas for holiday home investment, Britain really does have a lot to offer. Take a look at the following 5 reasons why investing in a luxury lodge could be better than investing in a property abroad.

More security in your investment

Ultimately, you can feel entirely secure in the knowledge that you’ll be making a safe investment when you invest in a holiday home in Britain. Not only will you have a better understanding of how the legalities work when it comes to making your investment, you’ll feel much more secure when signing the contracts and you’ll also have more protection if you decide to sell your lodge.

Easy access to your holiday home

Travelling to a luxury lodge, like the lodges at The Retreat in North Devon, for example, is generally simpler than travelling abroad. Firstly, you won’t need to think about flying, which takes a significant amount of hassle (and expense!) out of the journey. What’s more, if you travel to your luxury lodge by car, you’ll have access to your own mode of transport throughout your vacation.

Take the whole family with you

A luxury lodge makes for an investment that the whole family can enjoy! It is much easier travelling within Britain with very young children, as well as much older adults who can be restricted with flying due to premium rate travel insurance and health issues due to old age.

Get to know Britain

Britain is a fantastic country with lots to offer and, when you invest in a holiday home, like a luxury lodge at The Retreat, you’ll get to know a new, beautiful area and explore more of Britain’s natural beauty. You’ll become familiar with the route down to your luxury holiday home. Perhaps you’ll stop in a few new places along the way! What’s more, places like The Retreat, set in rural locations like North Devon will allow you to explore a variety of countryside locations, including woodland, moorland and the coast. The perfect city break!

A break for all seasons

Investing in a luxury lodge will give you the freedom to have a holiday whenever you like through the year. Perhaps you’ll spend Christmas in your own luxury lodge, or take a last-minute weekend break with your other half? No matter when you wish to take a holiday, you won’t need to book it well in advance when you invest in a luxury lodge, like those at The Retreat. Although you won’t necessarily be escaping the British weather, perhaps you’ll embrace a British summer holiday, crunching in the Autumn leaves over woodland and enjoy taking photos of the Spring daffodils during your visit?

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