Can I rent out my holiday lodge?

When you are not using your lodge as a personal holiday home, you have the option to rent it out, giving you an extra source of income. Using your lodge for multiple purposes can be highly beneficial, dependent on what you want to use your lodge for and how often you will use it.

Is a park right for me & how do I get the best value for money?

There are key points to consider when choosing the perfect lodge for you including annual site fees and location benefits. If it’s an investment in your lifestyle that you’re looking for, a leisure lodge is for you. Take time to talk to site owner and gain an understanding of the local area. Ensure that your lodge has a variety of facilities for a holiday environment. Romansleigh Park features facilities such as a club bar, games room and children’s play area.

What is the best location for a lodge?

Choosing the location of your lodge is of upmost importance if you’re looking for that extra profit. Self-catering accommodation in areas such as North Devon is in high demand so there is lots of potential for income.It’s also important to consider the travel distance between your home and holiday lodge. Most leisure lodge owners live a maximum of 2.5 hours from home.

When can I use my holiday home?

You need to ensure you have checked the months of the year that the park is open for use. Romansleigh Park is open 12 months a year. If you are renting out your lodge, half terms are the perfect time to do so. Many people are opting to stay in the UK for a retreat as holidays have become increasingly expensive during these times of the year.

What influences the cost of a holiday home?

Holiday homes vary around the country with location being a key influencing factor for costs. The range of facilities offered by a park also influence the price of a lodge such as entertainment rooms, pools and useful holiday amenities.

What are the main costs?

You will need to consider annual site fees and maintenance charges. It is advised that you consult a financial adviser to clarify what your goals are and any limitations to your investment. For running costs, insurance can typically be £300-400 a year, LPG gas, electric and water are all metered and will depend upon your use, you may wish to purchase a TV licence.

Can I sell my lodge investment?

Of course, you have a range of options. You can sell privately to someone you know, via an internet lodge selling service, an estate agent or to someone else on the park. Please note that standard policy for leisure parks will be to obtain 10% of the resale price. If you cannot find someone to purchase your lodge, or you need a quick sale, we may also be able to purchase your lodge back from you. Whatever the case, we’ll help you find a solution that’s right for you.

How long do lodges last?

Like any ownable asset, the lifespan of a lodge depends largely upon its treatment and maintenance. Each lodge will vary in finish, however most are typically of timber frame construction. The manufacturer often provides warranties, up to 40 years for the roofing system and 10 years for the external clad. Most aspects of a lodge can be replaced or maintained as if it were a bricks and mortar property.

Can I live in my lodge permanently?

No, our leisure lodges are restricted to holiday use only, 12 months of the year on which you can holiday at any time. However this cannot be your main residence.

How long is the license agreement?

It is a 999 YEARS license.

What are the site fees?

Our fees are £1500 + VAT a year. Investors that purchase under our guaranteed investment scheme have these fees incorporated within the lettings management therefore no additional charges apply

What size are the lodges?

Most lodges available on phase one are 40ft x 20ft and are 2 bedrooms. Variations and customisations are available. A popular choice is to convert a second bedroom to a study, for example.

How much are the lodges?

Prices start from £99,950 but can depend on a variety of factors such as lodge type, position, extras and the time you purchase. Reserve now for special discounts!

What purchase options are there?

You can choose to purchase your lodge solely for your own use or you can take advantage of one of our guaranteed investment return schemes.

How long will my lodge take to arrive?

We have lodges sited and ready to purchase immediately. If you choose a more personalised approach, it will take approximately 6 months before you’re able to enjoy your lodge, subject to manufacturing lead times.

Are there show lodges on site to view?

Yes we have a show home on site to view now by appointment or on our next open weekend – see home page for details of our next event.

How do I go about buying a lodge?

Give us a call, email or come see us. We’ll manage everything for you, all we need is a 10% deposit to take your reservation and get things moving.

Can children come and stay with us?

Of course, families with young children are welcome.

Are pets allowed on the park?

Yes, of course.

Is there parking?

There are parking bays allocated for each owner, some of which will be adjacent to the lodges. There is also plenty of visitor parking available in the central carpark.

Can I replace or upgrade my lodge?

Of course, and we can help you do so. When purchasing a lodge at The Retreat, you effectively lease the base it sits on, so you are free, within the site license, to put whichever lodge you like on it.

How often do people upgrade or replace their lodge?

This depends entirely upon the buyer, trends can change year after year, so some may wish to buy a new lodge after 20 years and add various extras to it. Others may choose to maximise their initial investment and keep their lodge in good shape for much longer!

Will my investment depreciate?

History tells us that the value of property in the UK tends to rise as the population, and demand rises in tandem. The lodge itself may depreciate over time, but the land you lease will likely rise. There is also a finite number of lodges available at The Retreat, so once these are all sold, experience tells us that there is likely to be a waiting list of willing buyers. The important thing to remember when purchasing as an investment is that the plot is the most valuable asset.

What is a “fully managed investment”?

We let your lodge on your behalf and in exchange, we pay you a fixed 8% return each month. This means arranging the lets, changing the linens, cleaning, maintaining hot tubs etc., all at no cost or hassle to you at all.

If I invest in a guaranteed investment scheme, can I still use the lodge?

You can stay up to 6 weeks in the year, and we’ll guarantee you at least 1 week in peak season.